About us

We are one of the UK's leading supplier of Baking and Catering products. Founded over 10 years ago, we have grown from a small scale supplier to one of the UK's leading supplier/distributor of baking products, such as; Butter, Margarine, Baking powder, Bread neck sealing tapes, Twist ties, Cake mixers, and Tape dispensers. Our customers are all over Africa and the Middle East.


Whether you are a home-baker, or expert cake maker, Mr Bake is here to help you with the supply of diffirent range of baking products, we stock hundreds of products from all of the top brands in the UK and Europe.

PVC Bag Neck Sealing Tape


These high quality vinyl packaging tapes with solvent adhesive will seal your customer's purchases professionally, hygienically and colourfully. These tapes are peelable when stuck on itself when sealing a bag.



  • 35 micron vinyl
  • Solvent adhesive for more aggressive hold
  • Core diameter, 75mm
  • Tape width, 12mm
  • Roll length, 66mtr
  • 144 rolls per case
  • Case weight 9.8kg




12mm Bag Neck Sealing Tape, with excess bag neck trimmer.




  • Durable metal construction
  • Separate trimming blade for excess bag neck
  • Can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface
  • Throat width, 75mm
  • Tape width, 9-12mm
  • Maximum roll length, 132mtr
  • Weight, 1.0kg
  • 10 per outer bn